Official Site of the Michigan Burn Soccer Club, Chesterfield, Michigan


It’s the World’s sport. The beautiful game. It’s Soccer. It’s a sport with a passion and a following unlike any other. It’s crept into our American culture and captured the attention of our children, our hearts and our dreams. Not only is it popular, it’s simple; two kids, two pair of shoes in a field or on a playground and a ball and you’ve got a game.

The Michigan Burn Soccer Club believes that Soccer is all of this and so much more. It’s a system of values. It’s respect. It’s dedication and desire. It’s teamwork. It’s commitment. It’s player development. It’s an attitude of “I can” and “I will.” Michigan Burn believes that great soccer players don’t just happen, they develop and evolve, getting better and better at every level and with every training session.

We invite you to come see for yourself. See what it’s like to be part of the Michigan Burn. See what it’s like to be better. Follow your dreams. Compete at the highest levels.

Ignite your passion. Let it Burn.