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Long Term Player Development Plan

GUIDELINES for Youth Players U6-U19

The purposes of these guidelines are to provide coaches with:

  • A long-term plan for player development for youth players U6-U19
  • A baseline of expectations at each age group for coaches to organize their training around
  • A club-wide plan that addresses player development in a stage by stage basis

It is important to note that each player is different. Players develop at different rates and times. Before the below guidelines are applied, first the individual player must be evaluated to determine a starting spot.

In organizing all training sessions, the below principles  should apply to each training session:

1. Activities are developmentally appropriate

2. Coaches provide clear, concise, and correct information

3. Instruction is organized to move from simple to complex

4. A safe and appropriate training space is utilized

5. Decision making by players is required with activities

6. Activities have implications towards the game

Please download our full Long Term Player Development Plan: